Portable Ultrasound Unit

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Must be used with ultrasound gel or lotion before using. Ultrasound gel can be purchased separately on our website

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1 mhz ultrasound therapeutic unit for skin firmness and elasticity plus 470nm anti ageing anti bacterial blue light therapy  plus ion positive to clean negative to penetrate.

1mhz Ultrasound Therapeutic Unit With Blue Light and Ion Therapy

This handy unit can be used anywhere without being plugged in to the mains supply, with its 3 treatment modes that can be used singularly or in combination.

The Ultrasound from this unit is PULSED mode NOT continuous. On LOW, the pulse is 2.5ms on 7.5ms off,effective intensity is 0.3 watts per cm square On HIGH, the pulse is 5ms on 5ms off the effective intensity is 0.5 watts per cm square. Contents: 1 x Rechargeable JPMULT900 Ultrasound Unit 1 x Mains lead for rechargeable unit 1 x Soft carry bag 1x Instruction manual

3 Units in one: 1mhz ultrasound therapeutic unit plus 470nm light therapy plus ion -positive to clean, negative to penetrate.

Each Mode Can be used separately or in any combination

Rechargeable battery can be used anywhere

When using the ultrasound mode please ensure that you use it in conjunction with a water based cream or lotion.  Ultrasound waves need a water based medium to travel.

You nor your hound will feel anything when contact is made with the head. So you ask how do I know its working?

Place the device horizontally with the head facing upwards. Dip your finger in a cup of water and sprinkle a few droplets on the head.

Press the SONIC function. the ultrasonic indicator light comes on and the unit begins to function

The water droplets on the head start to agitate with slight atomization which confirms the unit is functioning correctly.

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