Ultrasound Therapeutic Massager KUP-200

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Simple plug-in Ultrasound and Massage Unit

  • Ultrasound and massage unit
  • 10 minute operating time and cut off
  • Alarm
  • Temperature protection

2 outputs (high & low) as Ultrasound unit
2 outputs (high & low) as Massage unit
2 outputs (high & low) as a Combination (Massage and Ultrasound) unit

Ultrasound and Massage Unit comes with a full instruction manual and a UK mains adaptor.

The Ultrasound from this unit is PULSED mode 5/5 NOT continuous.

On LOW, the effective intensity is 0.3 watts per cm square

On HIGH, the effective intensity is 0.5 watts per cm square

Comes with a free bottle of 250g ultrasound gel.

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