Ocean Feed Pet Seaweed 250g

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  • 100% Natural Seaweeds
  • Source of prebiotics and minerals
  • Enhances coat shine and conditioning
  • Firmer stools for easier pick up
  • Resealable 250g sized pouch with scoop included

OceanFeed™ Pet is a natural feed material, derived from a blend of red, brown, and green seaweeds sustainably sourced from Asia and Europe to create a unique blend for your dog. OceanFeed™ Pet contains prebiotic polysaccharides and other natural bioactives which can enhance gut microflora; creating competition for pathogenic bacteria, helping to enhance nutrient adsorption. Seaweeds have also been shown to  generate a positive immune response, with the overall outcome being a healthier gut. Pet owners may well observe the healthier gut through creation of firmer and well-formed stools. Packed with natural minerals present in seaweeds, OceanFeed™ Pet can also visibly enhance coat shine and conditioning.

While OceanFeed™ Pet has been used for a number of years as an ingredient in premium formulated pet foods, we’re now giving more dog owners the chance to experience the benefits by mixing with their existing pet food at home. Recommended for dogs of all ages.

Simply measure out the OceanFeed Pet with the 2g scoop provided and mix into your dog’s food. Dampen if mixing with dry food or mix directly into wet food. One 250g pouch can last one 10kg dog for 100 days when feeding at the daily recommended usage rate (2.5g). Recommended for dogs of all ages.


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