Homeo Pet Anxiety TFLN 15ml

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320 Drops. Made from natural calming ingredients, Homepet (TFLN – Thunder, Fireworks, Loud Noises) can help to promote calmness in your pet, and soothe anxious behaviour. A natural solution for the stress facing dogs, cats and small animals during thunderstorms, fireworks and loud noises.

Homepet TFLN can help dogs, cats and small animals during stressful situations. Homeopathic remedies, in tablet or liquid form can help with a range of problems, such as:

• injuries,
• hormonal problems,
• acute and chronic conditions,
• anxieties and behaviour problems,
• puppy development.

In addition, many dog, cat and horse owners use homeopathic remedies to protect their animals from acute infectious diseases such as kennel cough, cat flu or equine flu and tetanus.

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